Tarryblake Timber

As of 1 November 2015 Tarryblake Timber will be owned and run by Shane Llywarch who has been the sawmiller for the past six years. He hails from North Wales where he had a long career in forestry, with additional skills in machinery and metalwork. He will continue to cut to order for farmers, land-owners, builders and renovators. All timber sold at the mill will continue to conform with the UK Forest Standard for sustainable forest management in the UK.

  • Signposts with snow – Entry from B9117

    Signposts with snow

    Entry from B9117

  • Shane driving WoodMizer

    Shane driving WoodMizer

  • Larch posts

    Larch posts

  • Larch gate

    Larch gate

  • Large larch planter

    Larch planter

Fencing & building materials

  • fence posts, strainers and rails
  • boards
  • beams and rafters

Heating & landscape supplies

  • backs and logs for firewood
  • sawdust, peelings
  • wood and bark chips
  • tree stakes

Garden products

  • larch gates and small bridges
  • modular compost bins
  • garden trellising, planters and ornaments
  • rustic garden sheds, benches and tables
  • bird tables and boxes
  • jump poles